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Revitalize Your Complexion with Personalized Facial Treatments Crafted by Our Brush & Strokes Estheticians

Experience the ultimate skincare rejuvenation with our tailored facial treatments performed by expert Brush & Strokes estheticians. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a radiant complexion! Book your appointment today.


Our professional waxing will make your skin feel smoother and help with exfoliation. Waxing will also help avoid razor bumps and cuts on the skin. Our trained estheticians can provide advice on the many suitable options as per your needs and skin type.

Mature Skin

Anti-aging Facia

This facial begins with a deep facial cleansing followed by a mild enzyme exfoliation, steaming, facial massage, and a modeling mask designed specifically for you.

This facial prevents and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, shows significant skin lifting effect by increasing skin elasticity and protein binding, and enhances regeneration of skin cells.

All Skin Types

Purifying Facial

This facial begins with a deep facial cleansing followed by a mild enzyme exfoliation, steaming, extractions, facial massage, and a modeling mask designed specifically for you.

This facial prevents bacterial growth, improves and adjust skin’s problem, helps to enhance skin protection, prevent excessive secretion of sebum, prevent skin dehydration and ging, and helps to improve skin moisture content providing clear and smooth skin with tea tree extract.

It is especially beneficial for problem skin, clogged pores, acne prone and oily skin. Suitable for all skin.

All Skin Types

Hydrating Facial

This facial begins with a deep facial cleansing followed by a mild enzyme exfoliation, steaming, facial massage, and a modeling mask designed specifically for you. This facial re-balances skin’s pH level, protects skin from dehydrating, maintains skin elasticity, avocado fruit extract in the fluid protects skin from damage by improving skin’s interface, prevents wrinkle by maintaining strong hydration and moisture. It renews your skin and will make your skin glow.


  • Anti-aging Facial $95

    60 minutes duration

  • Hydrating Facial $95

    60 minutes duration

  • Purifying Facial $95

    60 minutes duration

Facial FAQs

What are facial treatments?

Facial treatments encompass a range of procedures aimed at improving the health and appearance of the skin on the face. These treatments can include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masks, massages, and more, tailored to address specific skin concerns.

What are the benefits of facial treatments?

Facial treatments offer numerous benefits, including deep cleansing of the skin, removal of dead skin cells, unclogging pores, improving circulation, promoting collagen production, reducing signs of aging, hydrating the skin, and addressing specific skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, or dryness.

Are facial treatments suitable for all skin types?

Yes, there are facial treatments available for all skin types, including oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and aging skin. Skilled esthetician of Brush & Strokes can customize the treatment to suit your specific skin type and concerns.

How often should I get a facial treatment?

The frequency of facial treatments depends on various factors, including your skin type, concerns, and lifestyle. Generally, it’s recommended to get a facial treatment every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. However, individuals with specific concerns may benefit from more frequent treatments initially.

Are facial treatments safe?

When performed by a trained and licensed esthetician, facial treatments are generally safe. It’s essential to communicate any allergies, skin conditions, or sensitivities to your esthetician before the treatment to ensure they use appropriate products and techniques.

Do facial treatments hurt?

Most facial treatments are not painful and are designed to be relaxing. However, some treatments, such as extractions or chemical peels, may cause mild discomfort or tingling sensation during the procedure. Your esthetician will communicate any sensations you might experience during the treatment.

How long do facial treatments take?

The duration of a facial treatment can vary depending on the type of treatment and the specific procedures involved. On average, a facial treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Your esthetician will discuss the timeline with you before the treatment begins.

Are there any side effects of facial treatments?

While most people experience no adverse effects from facial treatments, some individuals may experience temporary redness, sensitivity, or minor breakouts following certain procedures. These side effects typically subside within a few hours to a few days. It’s essential to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your Brush & Strokes esthetician.

Can facial treatments help with acne?

Yes, certain facial treatments, such as deep cleansing facials, chemical peels, and acne facials, can help address acne by unclogging pores, reducing inflammation, and controlling excess oil production. Our esthetician can recommend the most suitable treatment based on your specific acne concerns.

How do I choose right facial treatment for me?

To choose the right facial treatment, consider your skin type, concerns, and goals. Our trained Brush & Strokes esthetician can assess your skin and recommend the most suitable treatment plan tailored to your needs. Additionally, communicate openly about your expectations and any specific issues you’d like to address during the treatment.

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